The religious sect poses a unique danger to the future of American democracy.

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In the post-mortem on one of the most contentious and high-stakes elections in American history, two truths are apparent. Black Americans vote for Democrats and White Evangelical Protestants (WEPs) vote for Republicans. The first of these observations is an innocuous truism. Black electoral support for Democrats is not only long-established, and well-chronicled, it is mostly harmless. However heavily Black voters skew toward Democrats, they lack the numbers to skew elections outside America’s handful of large urban centers. A Democrat who wants to win a national election will…

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We are living in unprecedented times. Not because of the violence. America has always been a fantastical hybrid of national self-righteousness and blithe racial terror. Not even because of the virus. The country has seen pandemics before.[1] What we have not seen is the widespread, inescapable idleness of the last three months. By some estimates, more than 1.5 billion people have been ordered to shelter in place since the pandemic began. In all of that stillness, America’s ordinary racial violence echoes more widely than we are accustomed.

In my small neighborhood outside Chicago’s south side, the echo arrived by robo-call…

Crystal Holmes

I do language.

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